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Storage Containers for Rent

Storage Containers for Rent

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Storage Containers for Rent

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We Rent NEW Storage Containers!
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If you need a portable storage solution that is quick and flexible, you have found the right place. 101 Storage Containers is local and family owned, which gives us the ability to work with our clients for the best solution on your timeline.

Our flexibility provides an immediate storage solution on-site with high-quality containers. You can benefit from our quick and easy rental process.

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Best Storage Containers for Rent

Mobile Storage Rentals

Whether you are in construction, manufacturing, or any other industrial setting, at some point you need temporary on-site storage to protect your most valuable items! You can rest assured that our storage containers are clean, dependable, affordable, and in most cases, will be delivered to RGV, TX within 24 hrs.

Rental Storage Container Size Options

20ft & 40ft Steel Containers for Rent


20ft Steel Containers for Rent

20′ Container Dimensions:
8’6” tall x 8’ wide x 20’ long

Our 20ft steel container for rent has an interior size of 146 square feet of floor space and 1,172 cubic feet of volume.

40ft Steel Containers for Rent

40′ Container Dimensions:
8’6” tall x 8’ wide x 40’ long

Our 40ft steel container for rent has an interior size of 285 square feet of floor space and 2,120 cubic feet of volume.

Short-Term Storage Container Rentals

Need to rent a container for just a month? We have short-term contracts. Short-term storage container rentals offer a variety of benefits. They provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for temporary storage needs:

  • Seasonal inventory overflow, or a special event
  • A place to keep equipment for a construction project
  • Extra temporary storage space during a renovation project
  • Temporary short-term jobsite storage
Storage Containers for Rental
Storage Containers for Rent

Long-Term Storage Container Rental

Need extra on-site storage without the commitment of purchasing a container? Our long-term storage container rentals offer an excellent solution for businesses looking for space to store their goods or equipment, without the commitment of owning a container. By renting a container, you can avoid the upfront expense of buying one outright, as well as the cost and hassle of transporting it to your location. Long-term rentals also provide flexibility, allowing you to choose the rental term that best suits your needs.

40ft Storage Container Delivery, RGV

Types of Steel Containers for Rent

What are the Different Types of Mobile Steel Containers for Rent?

Steel Storage Containers go by several various names including storage, shipping, Conex, cargo, dry-box, and freight. They are basically the same item but used for different purposes.

Mobile Storage Containers

Storage Container refers to exactly what it says: steel containers that are used to store items.

Shipping Containers for Storage

Shipping Container is a universal name for mobile steel containers that are used for shipping or storage. We focus on renting shipping containers for storage purposes. That’s why we only rent new 20-foot and 40-foot options in the Rio Grande Valley Area. 

Renting shipping containers for storage is a practical and cost-effective solution. Here at 101 Storage Containers, our focus is getting the best containers to our clients fast and at a competitive rate.

Rent Conex Containers

Conex is derived from combining “container” and “express”. These can be used for shipping or storage.

Rent Conex containers for as long as you need them, without the hassle of a long-term commitment. Conex containers are perfect for storing equipment, tools, or excess inventory. Plus, their durable construction means you can trust that your items are safe and protected. Contact us today to learn more about our container rental options.

Cargo, Dry-Box & Freight Containers

Cargo, Dry-Box, and Freight Containers are all terms used when containers are used for transport.

Though they have different names, they are still the same product. They are sturdy, secure, weatherproof options for your on-site storage needs. Our specialty is renting all types of containers for storage.

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Local Solution for Storage Container Rental

We Provide New (One-Trip) Storage Containers for Rent in Texas and The Rio Grande Valley Region.

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