Container Uses

Typical Storage Container Uses

Common Items Stored in Shipping Containers

Industrial shipping containers used for storage are versatile and can store a wide range of items depending on the industry. Here are a few items that can be stored in them:

Raw Materials: Industries such as construction, manufacturing, or chemicals often store raw materials like sand, cement, metal ores, chemicals, etc. in large storage containers.

Finished Goods: Products ready for distribution like canned goods, packaged food items, toys, electronics, etc. are often stored in these containers before they’re shipped to retailers.

Machinery and Equipment: In industries like agriculture or construction, heavy machinery and equipment can be stored in large industrial containers when not in use.

Parts and Components: Automotive, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries often store parts and components for assembly in these containers.

Documents and Records: In some cases, industries may use storage containers for keeping documents and records, especially if there’s a need for secure, fireproof storage.

Personal Protective Equipment: Industries where safety is a concern might store personal protective equipment (PPE) like helmets, gloves, masks, etc. in these containers.

Below are items that we may not allow to be stored in our rental containers:

Hazardous Materials: Industries dealing with hazardous substances like radioactive materials, flammable liquids, or toxic chemicals use specialized, secure storage containers.

Waste Materials: Some industries use storage containers for waste management, storing by-products or waste materials securely before disposal or recycling.

If you have any questions regarding the items you would like to store, please contact us for more information.

How to Choose the Correct Storage Container Size

We Offer 20ft and 40ft Portable Storage Containers

Choosing the right size for you depends on how you answer three questions.

  1. Do you have the space ready so we can deliver the container?
  2. Looking for a temporary storage solution?
  3. Do you need secure on-site storage?
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On-site Storage Solution

Next, you want to think about how much you are storing. Our 20’ containers have 146 square feet of floor space and 1,172 cubic feet of volume. Our 40’ containers have 300 square feet of floor space and 2,390 cubic feet of volume. What is the volume of what you need to store?

Best Temporary Storage Solution

A 20’ container is large. It is about the length of an average RV. A 40’ container is enormous. It is five feet longer than a school bus. So, you have to think about where you will put them. Even if you need a 40’ container to accommodate the volume, will you have room for a 40’ container? Some people find it much easier to place two 20’ containers instead.

20ft storage container rental

20ft Storage Container

However, if you are like most people, those dimensions do not give you a great idea of what you can fit in a 20ft container. It can hold all the contents of the average 1 to 2-bedroom apartment.

In terms of volume, you get 1,172 cubic feet of volume. Keep in mind that you are not going to use all of that. Unless you just pack boxes in the trailer and are a Tetris champ, there is no way to use all of that space. So, use the volume as a guide to your maximum space. Usually, people can get 85% to 90% of the total volume.

40ft Storage Container ​

A 40’ container is enormous. People make international moves in the same size containers. The estimate is that the entire contents of a four-bedroom house can fit in a 40’ container.


Not Sure What Size You Need?

Suppose you are still not sure what size you need, no worries. We can help you figure it out. Call us today, and we can answer any questions and set you up with the right size container for you.

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